Jim Davis Sells Out

It is true. You have heard the news by now, but the unthinkable is true. My personal hero and yours, as well as paragon of artistic integrity Jim Davis has done the unbelievable; that’s right. Jim Davis has sold out.

As you can imagine, I am distraught by this news. Distraught and devastated.

Variety has reported this earlier this morning. I have shared the link below, but please be warned that the content of this link may be emotionally disturbing.

I am very sorry but I can no longer call myself the world’s premier Garfield fan artiste. That title should go to Jim Davis, as he will continue to work on the strip. Additionally, now the memories of Garfield can only haunt me as he is certainly only to become a corporate shell of his former glory.


Thoughts On What Might Be In Splatoon 3

An image of Pearl from Splatoon 2 saying the end is near.

With Splatoon 2’s content coming to an end, I thought I’d conjecture on what Splatoon 3 – or whatever it is we get next – might bring. Nintendo is making it crazy obvious that the final Splatfest is going to alter the future of Splatoon this time – so much so, they might have well just had a character in game say it directly… Not that Pearl didn’t already when she invoked Article 4 of Splatfest Law. So, despite who wins, here’s how I predict this plays out:

Off The Hook will be breaking up

I mean, I think this is the most obvious take-a-way from Marina worrying — twice, now — that Off The Hook will remain together (once during the Final Fest announcement earlier this week, and also worried that Pearl will have her back in the Unicorn Vs. Narwahl results.) There’s also precedence for this; The Squid Sisters split up after the final splatfest in the first game. (Of course, it looks like all is mostly well between Callie and Marie, now, though Agent 4 may hold a bit of a grudge.)

Of course, at least part of the single player mode is going to be influenced by this. I also think this might reflect, mirror, or possibly even be a catalyst for further conflict between Octolings and Inklings. I do think there’s going to be a notable conflict between the two in some regard in the story – the Octo Expansion set this up nicely, and I think it’s very possible the two sides, Chaos and Order, will represent Inklings and Octolings specifically. The splatfest may just decide who starts on top in this one. And dont forget the detail that the artwork for order shows both icons for Squid and Octopus, as well.

..for the record, I chose chaos. Those who know me well know it was the only choice!

The new idols in Splatoon 3 will be punk.

I think it’s pretty reasonable to think we’ll have a new set of idols again, especially given the above. I suppose it’s possible The Squid Sisters will take back over if Off The Hook breaks up, but I don’t think so. And I think the new idols will be punk to fit in the chaos/order theme.

It also makes sense given the past two sets of idols were pop (Squid Sisters) and hip/hop (Off the Hook) and are followed by rock. Punk just seems like the most logical next step.

An image of the chaos vs order final splatfest logos.

It’s probably going to be quite some time before we get Splatoon 3, though. And this all might change given how the dialogue goes at the end of the Final Splatfest, too. It’s really early to call this, but I do think that’s how it will go.



This is Popsy. She’s a character I came up when fleshing out the mechanics for Meridian Knights. She’s a mischievous sprite with some magical powers.
Illustration of Popsy, a sprite from Meridian Knights.
I’m currently debating if she’s going to be a necessary part to finishing the game, or if encountering her is optional. I toyed a lot with her design, and wanted to make her cute, and clearly not quite human. I’m a little iffy on the expression yet, but the wings turned out lovely. And yes, her hair does turn into ribbons.