Rasputin The Bee

While taking a few moments to revisit some old characters, I realized I had never really colored Rasputin in any sort of context. I mean, I never had really used Rasputin The Bee much… but more on that in another post.

I used to draw Rasputin a lot. Like, a lot. Cartoon bees are pretty simple to draw, and it was pretty easy to make him expressive. And if you really look at most of the drawings of Rasputin… it’s pretty clear he’s a cranky dude. (Note his stinger isn’t visible so we’re probably safe for the time being.).

This is potentially for some art I’ll be using to update on social media near the beginning of the year, but I can’t really guarantee that too much. Minds change… It’s the plan for now though.

New Gallery — Meridian Knights Enemies

I’ve added a new gallery in the menu, the enemies you’ll face in Meridian Knights. And by enemies, I mean the pawns and peons you’ll fight, the creatures you’ll see over and over again in stages. Several of the characters in the Meridian Knights Character Gallery are certainly villainous is some regard.

A thought occurred to me in that I think it would add a lot to the game’s overall feel if the non-boss creatures were all objects in some regard — in the cases below, paper, balls and springs, a toy, and slime. Upcoming ones: A marionette, a sock, and top hat.

Also since we’re all lazy here, here’s the gallery so you dont have to do one more clicky.

Meridian Knights: Bosses

Every platformer needs a random set of near-end-game bosses to test the mettle of the player. Meridian Knights is no exception.
A lot of the gameplay juxtaposes swordplay and sorcery, so I figured, the end-bosses would each take into account this attribute somehow, since Moxie is a prodigy in both areas.

  • Svarog: The most reknown blacksmith in the kingdom. Transformed into a hideous fighting machine to test Moxie’s ability to cope with physical combat.
  • Baba Yaga (Hunchback Fairy): A master witch. I figured with all the Eastern European tones the game has taken, Baba Yaga would be a logical addition to the game.
  • Todd, The Lich: Todd gives you the opportunity to test your wits against his necromancy or your bravery against the certain death of supernatural sword. Todd also likes receiving cards in the mail from loved ones.
    *note: Originally, Todd was going to embody neither physical or magical combat. I couldnt think of a valid way to get this concept into place though.
  • Worker and Parasite: Yes, these guys again! Another logical endgame boss as they antagonize Moxie throughout the game, in a final test to tax Moxie’s ability to multitask against physical combat and magical offenses.

Damn It, Monkey! Art

Well, well — my first new piece of Damn It, Monkey! artwork in quite some time. Several years! Sad part is this was based off a sketch I found from 2006.

I do miss these characters quite a bit. It’s too bad between my other projects I couldn’t revisit this in the same way I wanted to. When I found the sketch this was based off of, I also found a lost script to Damn It, Monkey! Episode 8. Any guesses on to who the special guest star was?

Moxie Illustration

Portrait of Moxie, from Meridian Knights
Here’s a new image of Moxie. Nothing special, just a portrait style drawing.

I’ve been working hard on more art for the game, including some action shots of the Meridian Knights (and another action shot of Moxie beyond this), and also finalizing the designs of a few new characters, too, so expect some so far unseen Meridian Knights characters to pop up reasonably soon. Also maybe even some new villains, who knows?

Oh, wait. I do. I know.
But soon, so shall you! Until now, enjoy this.

New Gallery Images

Good news everyone! This post has nothing to do with Futurama.

I’ve added some new illustrations I’ve uncovered from the past couple of years, namely a few Ratboy images, but a couple of others sneaked in as well. In fact, an image I drew of a previous job is lying in there now.

I also added some new fanart as well. It’s unsurprisingly Daisy and Mario Kart images. Mostly. That’s not all though.