A Couple Of Splatoon 2 Predictions


(Author’s note: This has nothing to do with the upcoming mystery Splatoon announcement that will shock the world. This is just some quick predictions about the direction of Splatoon 2 specifically.)

We all know I love Splatoon. We all know I get way too into Splatoon. And, I’ve stewed on this for a while, because I think about Splatoon a lot. Like, a lot. So, with the Octo Expansion out (hopefully) in a few months here, I’m more and more sold on how I think some things near the end of life for Splatoon 2 will go.

The last splatfest will be Octolings vs. Inklings.
This seems like a no brainer, especially given Pearl and Marina’s dynamic. I’m sure we’ll find out a lot more about Marina in the Octo expansion, and this is the only legitimate way I can think of the follow up Splatoon’s final Splatfest (Callie Vs. Marie). Especially if they keep the tradition of final Splatfests influencing the next game alive (ok, I guess doing it once doesn’t necessarily count as a tradition), this seems only logical.
Side note: It’s hinted at in Splatfest opening dialogues that Marina works on the Shifty Stages. Since these levels contain single player mechanics found in Octo Valley, I’m going to sit a little firmer on this prediction.

…it would also be cool if Callie and Marie somehow get in on this.

The Final Splatfest will be a rotation of all prior Shifty Stages.
Frankly, I love (most of) the Shifty Stages. I’d love this. And maybe it’s wishful thinking, but honestly, it seems unfair to me that these stages are gone forever after a single weekend.
Also, it would be awesome if this stage also made it into regular rotation for turf war (at least) afterwards. I don’t have a lot of evidence to back this one up, so I hope it’s not just wishful thinking.

Time will only tell if I’m right, or if Nintendo will snipe these down with their splat chargers. But I think these are very plausible ideas, not outlandish, and I haven’t personally seen a lot of talk about it yet (probably because none of us want Splatfests to end!). Then again, I’m thinking way too far ahead since the Octo Expansion hasn’t even dropped.
What are your thoughts on this? Interact with me in the comments. That’s a thing. Do it, or some dualie menace will dart from nowhere and splat you.
Maybe. That might not happen actually. But feel free to interact.


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