A Link To The Past Comic Reprinting In May


For those of us who grew up with Nintendo Power, you may remember the serialized, monthly comics for both Super Mario Bros. and a Link To The Past. I can recall quite clearly reading these comics and looked forward to these every month. Great news for those of us who did find these a beloved addition to the magazine: Viz imprint Perfect Square has acquired the rights to reprint these classics.

While the Super Mario comic was fun and light hearted, the A Link to the Past comic was more serious toned. It was printed outside of Nintendo Power as a book in 1993, but even then the book was rare, making it a collector item now. Fans of the classic game of today’s generation may not have gotten a chance to read this awesome retelling of the Zelda title, and this May will be their chance. World-famous manga creator Shotaro Ishinomori’s inimitable art helps retell this classic story, with added characters, and admittedly, some embellishments on the story, though fantastically told. North America will receive the title this May.


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