A New Look


I’ve spent the downtime playing with the color scheme on the site. I like this one a lot better. Plus, it was time to update my avatar/Mii.

Also spent the downtime completely reinstalling my operating systems. Because you know, a certain commercial operating system that I’m openly not fond of decided the boot sector wasn’t valid anymore.

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there and I should probably edit it out but I’m (expectedly) tired and don’t feel like it. Really, the smiley Mii needed to go, it was several years old, and I kind of wanted my new Mii to reflect what I look like a little better, rather than be a whimsical knock off of the troll face. I debated on this quite a bit actually, as the old Mii was instantly recognizable, but.. oh well. I couldn’t take the old one and make it grumpy. It just didn’t work. It was time. At least he’ll live on on my shirt.

You’ll also see an updated look on my Twitch Channel (next video) and my various social media things like Twitter and YouTube. Hint: the links are both to your left in the menu and in handy icon format in the upper right of this very page.

R.I.P. old Mii Adam. You’ll be smiling on us and unsettling us from above for a long time to come.

…I don’t know. I may change my mind. I reserve that right.


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