A Twitch Channel To Call My Very Own


atom8bit on twitchSo, I finally splurged and bought one of those neat capture card thingies, and then I toyed around with it for a few weeks since the developers don’t support Linux… but that’s neither here nor there. (And no, I didn’t find a Linux solution, I’m ashamed to say I had to get it to work under another OS.)

But I have this cool Twitch channel. So check me, atom8bit on Twitch out. I stream Splatoon a lot, and Mario Kart 8. Sometimes retro games, as well. If you want to see anything specific on my channel, leave it in the comments or something. If it’s reasonable, I’ll consider it. If it’s stupid, I’ll laugh at you and make derisive comments. The worst suggestions will get the meanest comments, unless they’re obviously trying too hard to be stupid. Then it’s just bothersome.

Remember I tend to stick to Nintendo consoles, too, please. That’s sort of my thing with video games.


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