About atom8bit

Oh. Hi. You actually want to know this?


I’m just another random dude living in San Diego, CA who is:

  • A Gamer. Huge into Nintendo, including Mario Kart, Splatoon, and everything else that comes with it. Also fair time to mention Megaman I guess. But, hey, this is where the 8-Bit thing comes into play.
  • An Artist. More specifically, a cartoonist. I have some webcomics in progress, as well as some I’ve done in the past. Cartoons have always been and always will be my main squeeze.
  • A Sysadmin, though I prefer the far more colorful term SithAdmin. I’m a lover of all things open source, which specifically includes Linux. Enterprise Linux systems are my distributions of choice, if you’re curious. I use Linux and other Unix-like systems to make most of what you see.
  • I’m also trying to make a game, Meridian Knights. As of this writing, this overly ambitious project is still in its infancy and it’ll be a while.
  • I was once referred to by a friend as “The Joker, if the Joker was on Seinfeld.” As in, I enjoy spreading a little chaos and pranking here and there. Also, today you learned: I actually have friends.
  • I was also that dude who ran two Nintendo groups and was instrumental in building San Diego’s Nintendo community to its largest in its heydey.

So there. Now you know more about me, and knowing is at least 49% (if not more!) of the battle. Want to actually talk to me for some reason? That’s weird, but go ahead and bother me if you must.

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