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All that Art Stuff

Hey, you know all that art stuff? It’s gone. Woops… sorry, not gone. Just moved or whatever. It’s back home! Check out If for some reason you’re here to find it! It’s far more at home there.



Not even her final form! …seriously, this won’t be Moxie’s final pixel image. I finally have gotten around to downloading unity, and working on the meat of Meridian Knights, as well. It’s all a little new to me – I’m not a C# Programmer, damn it, I’m a sysadmin. It’s coming along nicely though, and… Read More »


A small setback

Unfortunately my video card went out in my main workstation. I intended to have the next act of Damn It, Monkey! Up by now, as well as some more character designs for that new project and a couple new pages of Ratboy Is Dead. The fortunate lining is no data is lost during all this.… Read More »


A New Look.

Don’t mind me. I’ve just spent a little time tidying up around here. Hope you like the new look! Pardon any mess left over.


A New Look

Made a few changes around the site. Nothing major, but I hope things are far easier to read now.