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Friends, family, countrymen, and other random assholes, As the new year is upon us, please remember to be vigilant in everything you do, and be aware that y2k could once again be a problem. As you know, it’s always good to exercise caution and safety this time of year, particularly as the implications of y2k… Read More »


A New Look

I’ve spent the downtime playing with the color scheme on the site. I like this one a lot better. Plus, it was time to update my avatar/Mii. Also spent the downtime completely reinstalling my operating systems. Because you know, a certain commercial operating system that I’m openly not fond of decided the boot sector wasn’t… Read More »


Another List Of Updates

I actually don’t have any updates. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. And that’s kind of the point of this post. I’ve been pretty quiet save for some usual, angry tweets about how I hate things, which really don’t take a lot of effort. And that’s kind of the key: I don’t have a lot of effort… Read More »


Initial Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch

I just watched and mulled over what I saw in the Nintendo Switch announcement. Seeing the “console” itself was great, but with the rumors circulating around for years, the fact that it’s a portable / console hybrid (or whatever term is appropriately applied here) is a little underwhelming, albeit a cool concept to see realized.… Read More »


An Interview with atom8bit

You read that right. Somebody actually wanted to talk to me. Minemanjoker interviews me for the Twitch San Diego San Diego Streamer Spotlight (or something like that) because, well, the San Diego streamers are generally a pretty cool bunch of people. See? I can be positive once in a while you ungrateful assholes. Anyway, take… Read More »