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Updates 2016-06-20

Good morning, stalkers. Yes, I’m well aware I’ve been rather quiet for a few weeks, and even put less effort into being an asshole to everyone on Twitter. I have a few (valid) reasons for this disappearance, and it’s not my usual “I hate you because I hate everyone now” bullshit, it’s real stuff. I… Read More »


LanDiego State 5

So the fine folks at LanDiego have suckered me into hosting a Mario Kart 8 tournament at their always awesome LanDiego State events. The tournament itself is free, but you have to pay to get in – $15 if you register by 04-17, otherwise $20. There are prizes and also you get to see me.… Read More »


Splatoon’s InkBrush

So, it finally happened, I hit S Rank in Splatoon. I actually didn’t even seriously start giving Ranked Battles an attempt until January, so this only took two months of playing it, more or less. Let’s face it, I’m more of a fan of Turf War than Ranked, but Ranked is appealing due to the… Read More »



Not a very clever title, is it? Oh well. I’m lover, not a writer. So yup, I did this thing a long time ago where I made a YouTube channel and uploaded some Mario Kart TV videos and then got bored and just played the game. But now that I am some fancy streamer, that… Read More »


A Twitch Channel To Call My Very Own

So, I finally splurged and bought one of those neat capture card thingies, and then I toyed around with it for a few weeks since the developers don’t support Linux… but that’s neither here nor there. (And no, I didn’t find a Linux solution, I’m ashamed to say I had to get it to work… Read More »