Happy Halloween!

Yay. Fanart. But this one tickles me. It should have been done a long time ago. I’d totally play as the loveable rascal Slimer in Splatoon.

I don’t dare say this would make either franchise better; the first Ghostbusters movie is probably my favorite movie of all time (and I’ll go on record saying that — it’s a brilliant comedy). And Splatoon scratches every competitive itch in my body just as well as Mario Kart does.

…Still, this would be fantastic.

Mario Kart: Talkie

In honor of Mario Kart’s 25th North American Anniversary, I present… Mario Kart: Talkie

When I drew this Mario Kart Fanart, it was what I was hoping for from MK8. I tried to make this a rubber hose like creation from 1929, but I guess the idea didn’t leave any room for retro tracks, because there ARE no retro tracks from before 1929. Should I have put a fake copyright date on it or something?

Also, not every character needs a tophat, so shut up.

Not pictured: Toad riding an old timey giant front-tired bicycle and Koopa Troopa flying Red Baron style. Also I guess maybe I should have had Wario tie Peach to the tracks, but it seemed more like a Bowser thing to do. Whatever.
Also, Daisy in Betty Boop style. Have fun with that,fan boys.

Drinking With Crow

In lieu of a real update, and since we finally got a release date on the new season of MST3k (April 14st!) I present to you some older fanart I did:

atom8bit / apathyzeal Drinking with Crow MST3k
Drinking With Crow

Admit it, you wanted to do this for a long time.
As an aside, I’m proud to admit I dumped a fair amount of money into that kickstarter. I’m extremely happy with how the new season looks so far (though always wondered why they still made no mention of Dr. Erhardt, as there is a fair amount of rebootishness to the new season.). The new cast and crew looks great, and the next two months can’t go by fast enough for me.

See the original on my DeviantArt page.