Dragon Quest 3 Stream


Update: This has been cancelled until further notice.

I want to stream Dragon Quest 3. It’s one of my favorite RPGs of all time, and I play through it a few times a year.

I’ve taken several class combinations and want to try something a little different. First three people to tweet at me the classes I should take will determine what I choose for the stream. Even if it’s three merchants.

I’ll be running on a version that allows for thief, so feel free to suggest that if you really, really want. You can also choose nobody, in which I will take one less party member. I will be keeping the hero in the party.

UPDATE: As an added bonus, I’ll let the second 3 people who choose on Twitter choose what the other three party members change into. Feel free to pick sage, or the same class if you don’t want me to change them.

I’ll update with a post when the party has been chosen.
So far:
1. Hero
2. Mage –>
3. ???? –>
4. ???? –>


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      Yes this is a thing I have but not quite an appropriate choice (contextually.) Try again?


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