Elgato Gaming Has No Plans For Linux Support


When I first started streaming, many acquaintances and friends of mine highly recommended the Elgato HD60 for streaming — almost universally so, to the point where I was ok with purchasing it based on their accounts of the product. Not really seeing a good alternative either, I went ahead and ordered the product, and quickly realized that there was no driver for Linux.

I made several attempts to reach out over the past several months and finally got elgato to respond on Twitter:

And there you have it. It shouldn’t be too hard of a stretch to make one, considering the similarities between Mac and Linux (read: Unix), and there have even been successful attempts at reverse engineering the Mac drivers for earlier models.

Having to use a completely different operating system just to stream is cumbersome at best for me – especially one I considered deeply flawed. I spent many, many hours trying to get it to work on a virtual machine (which elgato also doesn’t support) and this is one reason I really dont stream more often than I do. All the other software I use (including OBS) runs just fine on Linux, so elgato’s response of “We really just don’t want to” falls a little short with me.


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