Initial Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch


I just watched and mulled over what I saw in the Nintendo Switch announcement.

Seeing the “console” itself was great, but with the rumors circulating around for years, the fact that it’s a portable / console hybrid (or whatever term is appropriately applied here) is a little underwhelming, albeit a cool concept to see realized. The main takeaways were some new content for some familiar games.

Yes, seeing a little more about Breath of the Wild was cool and all, but, seriously – was that King Boo we saw in Mario Kart 8? Is new content actually on the way and will we finally, actually get a DLC Pack 3 for Mario Kart 8? New Splatoon content (though this may be purely cosmetic…), as well.
Since screenshots are this thing that I can do, here you go (all open in a new tab because I’m helpful):

Mario Kart 8 King Boo, Two Items. Nintendo Switch Announcement.Splatoon New Content (green team) Nintendo SwitchSplatoon Pink team -- New hair, new content. Nintendo Switch Video.

So notably, in Mario Kart 8, we’re seeing a few things here:
1. King Boo. This means new characters are likely on the way. The shots go by fast, but I dont see any other new characters, nor do I see new tracks.
2. Two items. This could be the biggest change to Mario Kart 8 since 200cc — if not a bigger one. I dont really know if this will be permanent or optional, but it’s an interesting way to reveal this information. After all the hullabaloo about how Nintendo thought the item balance in Mario Kart 8 was the best ever, I’m genuinely surprised by this addition.

In Splatoon, The main draw was likely new gear and some amazing fashionable squid hairstyles. I’m really not even sure this will effect gameplay at all, but hey, more content. Cool.

Really, as many questions remain about the Switch in and of itself, it also begs the question – are these updates to existing titles and support backwards compatibility, or are they remixes of titles that will be exclusive to the switch? Ideally, we’ll find out before March. I’m sure some questions about the Switch would be answered in the next Nintendo Direct, whenever that is. Nintendo would be completely remiss to not address the Switch in the next direct, and I’m certain it will be the entire focus of the presentation.


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