Kasimir Character Design


I’m actually working at revamping the entire Meridian Knights site right now. It definitely needs some improvement.

As such, I thought I’d share this character design for Kasimir, a character I hadn’t revealed there yet. I’m intentionally not going to say a darned thing about him here, so you can just wait if for some reason you’re genuinely interested. Start a discussion on Twitter or something.

I’ve shared this with a couple of close friends and my initial concern was he was too Kylo Ren like, but others commented he’s derivative of Dark Knight Cecil. Either way, crap. On one hand, I should probably make him less unintentionall derivative (it wasn’t intentional, but I recognize the similarities in both.) On the other hand, I like this design.

Guess I still have work to do on that.
If you really want, you can check out the characters on the Meridian Knights website at https://www.meridianknights.com.


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