Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Adjustments And Prediction Comparisons


In the not-too-distant past, I commented briefly on a few things I’d really like to have seen them come out with in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and oh, hey. Let’s see how accurate I was, shall we? Yes? Good. Your only other choice is to stop reading.

Item Balance

I really, really wanted them to nerf the lightning bolt, just a little. I still can’t see any reason anyone other than last place needs this item.
And since I can confirm having been in last place and gotten that old familiar zap, my hopes were expertly dashed on this one. Nintendo! This is important! The other items were fine!

Fire hopping // Balance between karts and bikes && Kart rebalance

Aside from that little detail, I could almost swear Nintendo was listening to me on the rest (And possibly other people. I should pay attention more.)
Huge score on this one! They even adjusted many of the items to provide a lot more variation and balance in characters (many characters had tweaks done to their stats, as did a lot of vehicle gear). So much so I’m looking at readjusting how I approach the game now that 200cc comes up in online play every so often.
Let’s not forget, too, fire hopping is gleefully gone as well. I was born a bike man and I’ll die a bike man, so karts having the unfair advantage didn’t sit well with me in Mario Kart 8 (not that it mattered a whole lot, I kept up decently well). I tried not to complain too much, while the unfair advantage was there, it was an indelible part of the metagame and nothing could really be done about it; at least, not without ruining world record replays due to the way they were recorded. It was something I had to suck up and get used to; but now that it’s gone, I’ll be the first to dance on its grave.

And lastly, while not part of the original post, 200cc Time Trials being a thing are pure awesome. If you don’t practice using time trials, you should. That’s all.


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