Meridian Characters


I thought I’d take a minute to share some characters from Meridian. So far, I realize I’ve only been showing good guys. I’m working on the bad guys, don’t worry… and yeah, I mean. They’re pretty much finished, I just don’t want to explode you guys with information when it takes me forever to do stuff as it is.

Moxie profile, Meridian


The main character of Meridian. Kind, naive, and incredibly eager, and a squire of the kindgom, Moxie is out training with another squire and her mentor on the sword arts when disaster strikes the kindgom. Moxie must rush back to investigate, but what happened to her mentor?

Ward profile, Meridian


Stalwart, pragmatic and sensible, Ward is Moxie’s mentor and training her in the art of swordsmanship to be a knight for the Kingdom of Meridian. He took Moxie in as an orphan and she quickly has become his most gifted squire.

Pavel profile, Meridian


Pavel is another squire of the Knights of Meridian who trains under Ward, with Moxie. Not yet adept in sword arts, Pavel is also kind, extremely loyal – to a fault, and thinks of Moxie like an older sister, and Ward as a second father, despite his good home life as a young boy in the village surrounding the castle towers.

I’ll be updating with villains and more soon, as well as possibly some music and other artwork. First thing is first, I’ll be updating that site with some information on the Kingdom of Meridian itself.


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