Meridian Knights Character Designs: Cielo And Miya


As if people never seem to get tired of character designs from me, no? Cielo and Miya actually took me some time to settle on a final design for.

I played around with gender, look, age, and many other things. The actual challenge of these two are that they aren’t very important to the story, but vital to the gameplay in Meridian Knights. I actually conceived of their function early on; two that exist to train Moxie and unlock sword arts and magic. After some time toying with that; I fleshed out a very minor back story, and after some struggles of still not coming up with a good design, simply chose some names. Once I had that, I was able to flesh this out.
Both characters were originally supposed to be male, but after choosing on the name Miya, it was clear they should have been male and female. While as a note, the gender of specific ones didn’t really matter, but with Miya being the Uzbek word for brain, that didn’t really fit the swordfighter type, did it?
It still took me a while to find something I really liked. These two are ancient – at one point, I even had the two as skeletons, and with rotting flesh. Two older people seemed most fitting, given their function in the game.
And as a final note, the sparkles around Miya are infinitely more satisfying than the ones around Cielo. Just saying.


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