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So, a long, long time ago (ok so like 2 or 3 years ago, bleeding back some time before that) I wanted to make a video game. Nothing ever came of this, other than a general concept of game play, a platformer that crossed class Megaman, Megaman X (Zero in X4, specifically), and Castlevania, with a retro look (16 bit visuals with 8 bit sounds.) I actually wrote some music for this and the general gist of the game, but never designed the characters at all, let alone the protagonist. So skipping the concept of gameplay, here’s Moxie, what could really end up being the main protagonist for the game.

I took this drawing down because it was crap. It was bad and you should feel bad for wanting to look at it.

Or at least the initial character sketches for her. I think I at least have a good start. I actually didn’t initially envision the main character of the game as female, but why not? I got to thinking of past characters I’ve done as design, such as Jeane Starre and drew some inspiration from that, not to mention a little inspiration from Akira Toriyama’s Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest character designs.

Anyway, I’ll probably draw a more fleshed out version of this in the future, we’ll see. I’m still getting the hang of my wacom tablet again. Nothing will likely ever come of this concept, but one never knows, and at least it’s fun to draw.

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