Hey, atom8bit stalkers, as you know, I used to co-run StreetPass San Diego. I left a few months ago for personal reasons, and while I’ve enjoyed the respite from it (aside from some unnecessary drama), I’ve found, well, I miss being part of a community, part of a gaming group here in San Diego.

The cool thing about Nintendo games in general is, well, community. Bring over a copy of Mario Kart, Mario Party, or one of many other games, and people gather around the TV. While I’m sure it happens with PS and XBox games, to me, those two platforms make it so much easier to, well, just sit at home.

So, I present to you, brand new San Diego Gaming Group:

NintenDiego Logo
NintenDiego: A San Diego Nintendo Gaming Group

So, I should probably go out of my way to say this isn’t some rehash of StreetPass San Diego. NintenDiego, yes, is Nintendo based, and yes, it’s a good opportunity to get tags, but the focus will be rather different – particularly on tournaments and the competitive scene, and having a large variety of events at places all around the county, including (by a large amount of requests) some 21 and over events to celebrate San Diego’s amazing beer culture (which, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that was an easy job of convincing me to do this.) And nor do I wish to step on their toes – there’s never been any question I still deeply care about that community and wish them the best; hence the different directions I wish to take here.

So please, don’t be shy and join us! NintenDiego is on Facebook, and we post our events there and on our website. We’ll be clear which events are all ages, as well. We’re already planning a Smash Bros. tournament, as well as Pokemon and Mario Kart competitions in the future. Hope to see you soon!


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