Not even her final form!
…seriously, this won’t be Moxie’s final pixel image.

I finally have gotten around to downloading unity, and working on the meat of Meridian Knights, as well. It’s all a little new to me – I’m not a C# Programmer, damn it, I’m a sysadmin. It’s coming along nicely though, and frankly, it’s fun.

The strange part is, in my head, I’ve had a clear vision of what Meridian Knights should be — Super Metroid meets Mega Man X, and have a ton of ideas. Getting them onto paper — sometimes, in minute detail — is another matter. Animating Moxie, working on minor details of the physics of her walking, jumping, running… all something else entirely.

Semi-relatedly, also still working out some details with my other ideas concerning Radier. I’ve probably given a little away here, but it’s actually fleshing itself out a fair amount.

More on both eventually.


A small setback

Unfortunately my video card went out in my main workstation. I intended to have the next act of Damn It, Monkey! Up by now, as well as some more character designs for that new project and a couple new pages of Ratboy Is Dead.

The fortunate lining is no data is lost during all this. I’ve ordered some new hardware so I should be back up in action before the end of the year. In the meantime, go spend the holidays with someone important to you or something.


Radier – Color

So, I decided to ink Radier.
I decided to go with a little bit higher contrast on Radier, and somewhat higher saturation. Case in point: his hair (yes, I know.
Another redhead…). I played around with the shading a lot, too. The look is a bit plasticky, but pops noticeably and catches the eye.

This is still concept art mind you. So this might not even be his final form. Another lock pointing upward on the left might not be the worst idea. And I might add some texture, like

I’m inking Lorelai, too – so, stay tuned. I’m actually fairly pleased with how things are coming along — at least so far — on this new project. It’s probably not going to be another comic; it’s going to be, something else.
Something else that’s vague and subtly frightening.

Not really. Or at least not hopefully. I never know how things I do will be received anyways.


Concept Art — Radier and Lorelai

Concept Art for a potential new project I’ve been toying around with. These are two critical characters, Radier (left) and Lorelai (right).

This project is still very much in its infancy, so I won’t really go too terribly into it as it might not get far off the ground, but I liked these preliminary sketches and thought I would share. So much in its infancy, in fact, I don’t have much to say other than its intent is to be pretty philosophical in story and silly in its presentation. I’m really not even sure what format to go with, but it’ll like be (yet another) comic, or a game perhaps. While it may never materialize into anything valid, it’s good to get the creative juices flowing.
…sorry for the uncomfortable metaphor there.

Character-wise, Radier is sullen, misanthropic, and prone to fits of depression and self-loathing. Lorelai is, perhaps, too outgoing, for anybody’s good but her own.

If I like how the project continues to progress, I’m likely to turn this into a full illustration soon.