Privacy Policy


Your actions on this server are logged, just as they are on any other server. Typical information collected is no more information than you give for any other website – Your I.P. address, Browser and Operating system information are logged during normal use on this site.

Personally Identifiable Information

I do not collect personally identifiable information beyond what is stated above, and I do not sell or trade this information. I only use this information for internal troubleshooting and keeping up on security and ensuring the site continues to run at peak operation.


Advertisements are served by the company providing the ads, and in the cases of advertisements, the provider’s privacy policy applies.

Use of Information

Certain actions on this site will result in permanent IP blocks. If you feel you’re unfairly blocked, contact the webmaster via email or social media. Depending on what is found upon review of the logs, the webmaster may contact your host or ISP’s abuse team. This is up to the webmaster’s discretion.

What construes as misuse is totally up to the webmaster and action is taken either on an automated or as-needed basis.

Updates To This Policy

As different features are added to this site, additions or changes to this policy may be applied.