Radier – Color


So, I decided to ink Radier.
I decided to go with a little bit higher contrast on Radier, and somewhat higher saturation. Case in point: his hair (yes, I know.
Another redhead…). I played around with the shading a lot, too. The look is a bit plasticky, but pops noticeably and catches the eye.

This is still concept art mind you. So this might not even be his final form. Another lock pointing upward on the left might not be the worst idea. And I might add some texture, like

I’m inking Lorelai, too – so, stay tuned. I’m actually fairly pleased with how things are coming along — at least so far — on this new project. It’s probably not going to be another comic; it’s going to be, something else.
Something else that’s vague and subtly frightening.

Not really. Or at least not hopefully. I never know how things I do will be received anyways.


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