Streaming and other updates


I’ve spent the past few days using what precious little free-time I have to work on a couple of things.

1. Streaming Schedule

Right now I just go stream whenever, willy-nilly. What I feel like (Usually Splatoon) when I feel like (some random evening). Working on getting a solid two set days:

  • SplaTuesdays
    Splatoon every Tuesday night. I play this game a lot, and it dominates my streaming. I’m hardly a one trick pony. I don’t know if I will completely relegate Splatoon to this time slot, but I will try and do more at other times for the time being.
  • Whatever I feel like Sundays
    Sunday mornings work well for me streaming right now, so we’ll see what I can work in. Frankly I’m likely going to stream whatever I really feel like that morning.

Of course I will try my best to stream at other times too. Your best best it to simply subscribe to my twitch channel and sign up for alerts whenever I stream live. That’s a handy feature that is fun and easy to use.

2. Working on revitalizing an old site.

Not to be too cryptic here, but I’m revitalizing one of my old sites. Hint: It’s something I wasn’t able to update due to an excessively long commute and going back to school, and it dropped by the wayside sometime ago, and was left in limbo. I’m hoping now that my schedule is freed up, I can continue updating, though with work being as demanding as it is, it may be on an as-I-can basis.

Anyway, I’m redoing the website, modernizing it a little bit (it was a pretty rudimentary php application before) and streamlining the update process to make it easier for me. Additionally, I plan on finally updating the Mario Kart 8 Stat Calculator and returning it home to the site. More news on this everything else as I work on it.


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