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Damn It, Monkey! Returns

It’s no Jedi Mind Trick: Damn It, Monkey! Is returning! Well, starting over, really. In it’s original, episodic format. Rejoin this “classic” webcomic following Monkey and the Stevens family from episode to episode… and you never know who might join them from time to time! Also, may the fourth be with you, or something.


Damn It, Monkey! Art

Well, well — my first new piece of Damn It, Monkey! artwork in quite some time. Several years! Sad part is this was based off a sketch I found from 2006. I do miss these characters quite a bit. It’s too bad between my other projects I couldn’t revisit this in the same way I… Read More »


Jason In A Strange Land

After taking some time to pour through my old projects, I found something I had simply dropped and forgotten about for over a decade – Jason in a Strange Land. Honestly, I’m not terribly sure what made me drop this, other than a move across the country let it slip through the cracks as I… Read More »