New Gallery — Meridian Knights Enemies

I’ve added a new gallery in the menu, the enemies you’ll face in Meridian Knights. And by enemies, I mean the pawns and peons you’ll fight, the creatures you’ll see over and over again in stages. Several of the characters in the Meridian Knights Character Gallery are certainly villainous is some regard.

A thought occurred to me in that I think it would add a lot to the game’s overall feel if the non-boss creatures were all objects in some regard — in the cases below, paper, balls and springs, a toy, and slime. Upcoming ones: A marionette, a sock, and top hat.

Also since we’re all lazy here, here’s the gallery so you dont have to do one more clicky.

New Meridian Knights Character Images

I’ve been busy working on more Meridian Knights artwork lately – and some of the script for the game!
I’ve added a new portrait for each character, including the toy solider. I’ve also included the first piece of art for the Zyllonaut, a dragon central to the story.
While you can see them in Meridian Knights Character Gallery, I realize you may just want to see the new stuff here. So here you go.

Elf Queen

As I mentioned recently, I dug up and went through a ton of old art work, spanning what has survived over two decades of drawing various things.

One thing that struck me while going through this was a drawing I did of an Elven queen — partially because, well, it didn’t fit in with anything I had ever done. I think it was probably some concept art I never used when working on Axis (a comic that really never saw the light of day, save for a very, very bad 13 page intro drawn in the late 90s). The character did have a lot of promise, and if it wasn’t an Axis character, I’m really, really unsure why I ever drew it.

Hey, there’s more in the Illustrations gallery, you know.

I debated very heavily on sharing the original pen drawing here. The character in that drawing was very sad, and showed much more emotion than this version of here. I actually changed it slightly, and made her more aloof on purpose, more mysterious, and certainly more royal.

Since this character doesn’t really fit in with, well, anything else, I took the opportunity to get to know Clip Studio a bit better, too — I didn’t texture the drawing in the same manner as I do with the Meridian Knights characters, or Sartris’ initial character design. Everything in this is drawn with the various pens/pencils/brushes that program offers. It was nice, and it helped me get more comfortable with it a good deal.