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Moxie Illustration

Here’s a new image of Moxie. Nothing special, just a portrait style drawing. I’ve been working hard on more art for the game, including some action shots of the Meridian Knights (and another action shot of Moxie beyond this), and also finalizing the designs of a few new characters, too, so expect some so far… Read More »


Moxie’s Sprite

I’ve been working lately on Moxie’s Sprites, because, why not? I thought I would take a moment to get back on the Meridian Knights bandwagon today, and due to some writer’s block I started spriting characters. Moxie was the natural character to start with. I didn’t add this to a gallery because it’s the only… Read More »


Meridian Characters

I thought I’d take a minute to share some characters from Meridian. So far, I realize I’ve only been showing good guys. I’m working on the bad guys, don’t worry… and yeah, I mean. They’re pretty much finished, I just don’t want to explode you guys with information when it takes me forever to do… Read More »



Remember not long ago when I kind of said I wanted to make a video game? Yeah, about that… I made the game its own website: Not really sure why as not much is fleshed out, other than some characters and a general story idea. To be quite honest, I am toying between like, 3… Read More »