Podcast Theme, Version 2

I wrote another potential theme for my podcast. You can listen to it right here, with this convenient Youtube Video I personally embedded in the page.
Have some sort of preference, feedback, or comment on the songs? You can alter destiny by sharing your thoughts on my potential podcast theme.

(HINT: This is a completely different composition than the last video.)

Podcast Theme, Take One

On my Facebook page, I recently announced I was working on launching a comedy style podcast (far different than my old podcast). As with “every” podcast, it needs a good theme song. So I sat down and I wrote one.

Give it a listen, and provide feedback, or something. Like, share, repeat. You get the idea. I’m thinking 40 seconds might long. You at home can help. Or something.

Exciting New Web Series Idea

So my opinions are relevant and interesting, as everyone very well knows. I’m also an excellent conversationalist, and have a pleasant smell. And I’d like to use the internet to share all these things except, you know, that last part, because technology isn’t quite there yet.

So my current plans are something along the lines of the following:
1. Getting back to streaming and having people join in on the fun
2. A podcast and/or Youtube series where we sit around and talk about things that I normally write about here but in conversation format so it’s less quiet.
3. Some combination of this stuff, or something

I’m no stranger to the podcast scene (did one back with NintenDiego) and wouldn’t mind getting one going again. Don’t have a partner in crime, yet, but am thinking of a guest host every week until I settle on something. Even if it is a different guest every week. Pros of this method: Variety. Cons? Inconsistency, egotism.

Also there’s that pesky topic thing, right? I’d like to stick to one thing, and therein lies my problem. Having a Nintendo/Cartoons/Comics/Linux/Misanthropy podcast/video series seems a little too varied.

So basically this post is all about how I basically don’t know what the fuck it is I am doing yet so stay tuned? Whatever.