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The Art of Splatoon

By now, I would guess everyone here knows I like both art and Splatoon, so through the natural flow of things, the art of Splatoon is something that would appeal to me. And when put out in a handy-dandy book format, I would certainly be interested. Now this is by no means new news, I… Read More »


Initial Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch

I just watched and mulled over what I saw in the Nintendo Switch announcement. Seeing the “console” itself was great, but with the rumors circulating around for years, the fact that it’s a portable / console hybrid (or whatever term is appropriately applied here) is a little underwhelming, albeit a cool concept to see realized.… Read More »


Splatoon’s InkBrush

So, it finally happened, I hit S Rank in Splatoon. I actually didn’t even seriously start giving Ranked Battles an attempt until January, so this only took two months of playing it, more or less. Let’s face it, I’m more of a fan of Turf War than Ranked, but Ranked is appealing due to the… Read More »