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A New Look

I’ve spent the downtime playing with the color scheme on the site. I like this one a lot better. Plus, it was time to update my avatar/Mii. Also spent the downtime completely reinstalling my operating systems. Because you know, a certain commercial operating system that I’m openly not fond of decided the boot sector wasn’t… Read More »


Another List Of Updates

I actually don’t have any updates. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. And that’s kind of the point of this post. I’ve been pretty quiet save for some usual, angry tweets about how I hate things, which really don’t take a lot of effort. And that’s kind of the key: I don’t have a lot of effort… Read More »


Updates 2016-06-20

Good morning, stalkers. Yes, I’m well aware I’ve been rather quiet for a few weeks, and even put less effort into being an asshole to everyone on Twitter. I have a few (valid) reasons for this disappearance, and it’s not my usual “I hate you because I hate everyone now” bullshit, it’s real stuff. I… Read More »