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Meridian Knights Website

For now, I’ve decided to keep progress related to Meridian Knights here on atom8bit.com. Pondered this for a while – even considered putting my webcomics for Ratboy Is Dead and the long defunct Damn It, Monkey! here on the site. Figured that while the two comics deserve their own site, even if one is just… Read More »


A New Look

I’ve spent the downtime playing with the color scheme on the site. I like this one a lot better. Plus, it was time to update my avatar/Mii. Also spent the downtime completely reinstalling my operating systems. Because you know, a certain commercial operating system that I’m openly not fond of decided the boot sector wasn’t… Read More »


Another List Of Updates

I actually don’t have any updates. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. And that’s kind of the point of this post. I’ve been pretty quiet save for some usual, angry tweets about how I hate things, which really don’t take a lot of effort. And that’s kind of the key: I don’t have a lot of effort… Read More »


Updates 2016-06-20

Good morning, stalkers. Yes, I’m well aware I’ve been rather quiet for a few weeks, and even put less effort into being an asshole to everyone on Twitter. I have a few (valid) reasons for this disappearance, and it’s not my usual “I hate you because I hate everyone now” bullshit, it’s real stuff. I… Read More »