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Cat Vs. Mouse

Worker and Parasite’s Battle Music. The entire thing is just a play on rhythm and a blues scale. I’m simultaneously impressed that it’s catchy and felt lazy writing this. It was important though to get something both fun and intense down. I worried a lot about approaching the music for these two, as they’re encountered… Read More »


Meridian Knights: Bosses

Every platformer needs a random set of near-end-game bosses to test the mettle of the player. Meridian Knights is no exception. A lot of the gameplay juxtaposes swordplay and sorcery, so I figured, the end-bosses would each take into account this attribute somehow, since Moxie is a prodigy in both areas. Svarog: The most reknown… Read More »


Worker and Parasite

I can’t believe I did this, but I totally forgot to add a character (well, characters) to the Meridian Knights Character Gallery. So, without further ado, I present to you, Worker and Parasite: Parasite, the impish little wizard fellow on the left, turned out well enough, I feel. Worker… well, I didn’t really intend for… Read More »