The Art of Splatoon


By now, I would guess everyone here knows I like both art and Splatoon, so through the natural flow of things, the art of Splatoon is something that would appeal to me. And when put out in a handy-dandy book format, I would certainly be interested.

Now this is by no means new news, I mean – I think I’ve had this on preorder since December. The book itself drops on 2017-06-13, and With Splatoon 2 hitting shelves the following month, this may be a little something to tide us over. It’s certainly not interactive, but what could be better than having a better look into the first game? Especially one that’s apparently 300+ pages long.

I mean, you can still do ranked and turf war in Splatoon if you really feel like it, too, I guess. Bottom line is it’s pretty cool to get art like this in your hands for a nice, close look.


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