Toy Soldier


Every game has a main throwaway enemy, right? Dragon Quest has slimes, Mario has Goombas and Koopa Troopas, Zelda has bokoblins and octoroks, and Kirby of course has Waddle Dees. So no doubt, Meridian Knights needs one, too. Enter, the Toy Soldier.

I haven’t put a lot of work or thought into most non-major enemies yet, and this really is the only exception. I wanted something fun, something kind of whimsical, yet still vaguely menacing and, well, I guess it kind of helps it’s not alive. Part of the thought process in making this was something that could also exist in most environments in the game – it’s no alive, so it can go underwater without having to breathe, won’t freeze, can be inside, outside, hot, cold, you name it.

This also gave some ability for interchangability – adding elements to it (fire ones could carry a torch or spit fireballs out of the mouth, for example, or wind ones could spin to attack) and even change weapons – swords, halberds, whatever really comes in for need on a specific level or area. Changing color, too, would likely be a nice, easy thing to do. I’ve been toying around with the idea of a graveyard area in the game and feel zombie toy soldiers could be really fun, rising out of the ground.

As always, added to the gallery if a higher resolution image is your thing.


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