Updates 2016-06-20


Good morning, stalkers.

Yes, I’m well aware I’ve been rather quiet for a few weeks, and even put less effort into being an asshole to everyone on Twitter. I have a few (valid) reasons for this disappearance, and it’s not my usual “I hate you because I hate everyone now” bullshit, it’s real stuff.

I still hate everything though, so don’t worry.

Work keeps me insanely busy

It would be no stretch of any term to call my work schedule abusive. Don’t get me wrong – I like the work I do, but the amount I’m on call vs. the ability I have to get a good night’s sleep is absurd. Unfortunately, it’s looking like I need to do something about this for own sanity and well being at this point, but don’t have time to do it without jeopardizing my job, and that’s something I won’t do. I am constantly promised it will die down soon, but that target date keeps getting pushed back. I haven’t actually even played Splatoon or Mario Kart, let alone streamed, in two or more weeks, and finally got back to it yesterday. I’m praying things calm down soon and I don’t have to do anything more drastic.

Catastrophic Drive Failure

I also had a catastrophic drive failure in my home file server. Unfortunately, this affected my backups, the motherboard of the file server, a few cards in the server, and the drives as well, and spent this entire weekend building a new file server. I’m really not about to go into what happened (not 100% sure myself, but I suspect act of cat) but a new tower with all new drives should suffice. I’m also going to have to rewrite my personal backup scripts and was not able to restore everything. Luckily, most of my current projects were not affected severely, though most of my past ones were possibly lost forever. I do have some backups elsewhere and will reproduce what I can. While this is really “behind the scenes” stuff, it is holding me back from doing anything noteworthy.

Also my TV broke

Enough said. It was old and I had lugged it around from event to event for years. Not unexpected, and a minor inconvenience compared to the rest. I got one of those nifty 4k smart TVs. Seriously, my TV has a network card and I can type into it with a USB keyboard. It’s kind of cool.

But yeah, I’ll get back into the swing of things as I catch back up and as I, well, can. Exercise patience, because you know – I wouldn’t.


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