Worker and Parasite


I can’t believe I did this, but I totally forgot to add a character (well, characters) to the Meridian Knights Character Gallery. So, without further ado, I present to you, Worker and Parasite:

Parasite, the impish little wizard fellow on the left, turned out well enough, I feel. Worker… well, I didn’t really intend for him to be so Shrek like. Things happen, though. I even recolored him to avoid it, and contrast Parasite a little better.

And yes, these two are named after Eastern European’s favorite cat and mouse team. I went out of my way to give all of Meridian Knights a fairly Eastern European feel (check out the names, for one) and so yeah, the whole Bolshevik thing was bound to come up. I felt the names fit very well. And for the record; they’re mini bosses in the game — think Violen, Serges and Agile from Megaman X2 as a notable example.

I’ve added them to the Gallery page as well.


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